A Colonial Woman's Bookshelf
An Annotated Bibliography

Based on the book by Kevin J. Hayes and compiled by Jessica Lanier.

This bibliography was prepared for a presentation at the Phillips Library of the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, Massachusetts, as part of the 2006 NEH Landmarks in American History Institute, The Visual Culture of Colonial New England . Based on Kevin J. Hayes excellent book, A Colonial Women's Bookshelf (University of Tennessee Press, 1996), we gathered together a selection of works from the collections of the Peabody Essex Museum and from the Salem Athenaeum so that participants could examine them first hand. Because the teachers attending Visual Culture in Colonial America came from across the country, we compiled this bibliography with explanatory material and information on how they might access these books from their home states, either via the internet, which offers an ever expanding resource for primary material, or via reprints. In addition to Hayes, much of this information was gathered from the web sites cited below. For those of you close to Salem, we indicate which books can be found in the collection of PEM with an [*] and   those found   in the collection of the Salem Athenaeum [**] as well as offering some notes about these specific editions. For those further afield we cite e-texts, web links, and other resources as well as excerpts from articles, background information, and suggestions for further reading.

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